I first walked in to the gym almost a year ago and in that space of time I have been the most active I have been since I left school.

Learning jiu jitsu was something I had been keen on for a long time before I finally plucked up the courage to get up and actually go and try it.

If the past year has taught me anything it’s that the only way to do jiu jitsu is to…..well, get up and do it. It is that simple.

To begin with I attended class spontaneously, usually once a week for the beginners technique class. After a while that really wasn’t enough. What I needed was more time on the mat, more practice and more technique.

Initially I found it hard going. Trying to get my head around techniques wasn’t easy to begin with. Also, the simple fact was I wasn’t fit enough.

With more time in the gym and turning up to as many jiu jitsu classes as I could I gradually began to get better. Better technique, better shape and by far the fittest I’ve been in years.

In July 2014 I tipped the scales at 136.6kg (301lbs or 21 and a half stone). Now I’m down to 99kg (218 lbs). I’ve lost just under six stone in six months.

Now, that loss isn’t entirely down to jiu jitsu. For as much mat time as I was putting in, it just wasn’t enough so I decided to clean up my diet. Without going as far as to stick to any actual diet, I simply switched from the rubbish and takeaways I was eating for cleaner, healthier food.

The combination of cleaning up my diet and drastically increasing the amount of time I spend in the gym has certainly paid off.

All of that time spent in the gym and coaching I’ve received has recently earned me the first tab on my white belt from professor Marcos Nardini.

There’s no doubt that the BJJ team and coaches at the Scottish Hit Squad have worked wonders for me, and they can for anyone serious about taking up any martial art.

I would highly recommend anyone simply looking to get in shape or loose weight to check out the gym. The classes, coaches and team are top notch and well worth checking out.



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