Andrew Miller

Night time training starts at 4 either a 5k run or half hour skipping, then shadow sparring. After all this it’s either hitting pads then clinching/sparring upto 30 45 minutes then back to what we did in the morning knees and kicking the bag after that we do 10 sprints on the road just outside the gym and that should bring us too 7 o’clock where we finish up for the day and have dinner

The food side of Thailand is where I love the place everything is tremendous and with the resources they have compared to Scotland it really is amazing, each meal always consist off rice (carbs) energy after dying in training and just a mixture of chicken vegetables noodles etc top notch

My muay BORAN fight. The old rules of muay boran simply consisted of a ban on hitting the groin, eye-gouging, hitting a fallen opponent, grappling or hair-pulling. There are no gloves with your hands wrapped in rope. well what can I say that was a weird experience but loved every minute off it. Thailand completely different one minute your getting your hands wrapped then your fighting none of the entrance music and all that shite. Been on telly all over Thailand was class also having my family watch it back home. A wouldn’t do it again tho as it’s a dangerous fight which can ruin people as I learnt you can headbutt and knee people when they are down but in all great to get my first fight and win over here really has been a dream come true this whole 9 weeks

Each Saturday I go in to do my class at the hit squad I love it as I get on with all the guys and ladies that come to the class, wee have banter which is great but they work hard and pick up a lot of the stuff fast which they use some of the techniques in sparring which is great to see !! Look forward to showing new tricks and techniques when am back to the grind helping them kick ass in the MMA world


Ps everyone at the hot squad are handsome bastards

Coach Andy !


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