Monday18:30-19:30Thai boxing
20:30-21:30MMA beginners
Tuesday18:30-20:00Thai boxing
20:00-21:00BJJ Sparring
Thursday18:30-20:00Muay Thai
Friday18:15-19:15Muay Thai
11:00-12:00GI BJJ
12:00-13:00Open mat

Class Breakdown

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jistu)

Beginner and advance class that will consist of working technique locks, holds, chokes, submission and positions. With a very friendly laid back atmosphere.

MMA Beginners

This class will be aimed at beginners with a combination of boxing, thai boxing, wrestling bjj positioning, control and ground and pound. A Lot of pad work will involved in this class. Great cardio workout.

BJJ Sparring

Is for the more advance person 1 hour of grappling based on the 5 minute round with 1 minute intervals in between each round. Something to work towards.

Boxing for MMA

Will concentrate on boxing offense, Boxing defence, feet-work, angles, clinching with strikes.

Muay Thai

Jason McSweeney will conduct all classes independently as a Kombat Muay Thai classes. Visit the Link

Open Mat

Session for both beginners and advanced is your option what you want to train – BJJ, Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Sparring, Conditioning, Padwork etc.